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  1. We have had quite a few conversations with customers, installers and other suppliers over what seems to be a higher amount of dustier pellets around, our opinion is that this is linked to the cheaper European pellets that have flooded the market since the Euro exchange rate made it attractive to import foreign pellets.

    These pellets have travelled thousands of miles, and will invariably be subjected to vibration either in the hold of a ship or in a container, or the journey form the Russian mills to the Baltic ports,  and this is going to cause dust, especially with opto 7 - 10 days of constant movement, and its going to be the same for the bagged or blown pellets. 

    The European pellets can be cheaper, but there is a downside, in that they've travelled from Eastern Europe, and this could cause dust.

    Our premium pellets are made in the UK, so have travelled hundreds of miles instead of thousands, thats why our pellets are never dusty, and thats why we have been selling the same pellets for over 8 years, because our customers want the quality and consistency that our pellets provide.