Spare Testimonials

“Just to say - product great! Whiter and fluffier than *******, and the bags are tougher! I will be back!!”    Gill
“Your delivery of wood pellets arrived less than 24 hours after I had placed the order! Many thanks for your efficiency.”     Peter
"Best I've ever had"   Abigail
"Just a quick line to let you know how impressed I am with the briquettes, they give off so much heat and last a long time as well, which keeps us nice and cosy but also saves us money at the same time. Job well done"      Dave
“The briquettes are fantastic and the old woodburner has never chucked out so much heat! Top product!”     Richard“I had not used briquettes in my woodburner before so I thought I'd give it a go. I initially bought a twin pack just to see if they were as good as it says on the website and all I can say is WOW!! Believe me they create real heat, burn for ages and give off almost no smoke. I am soon going to buy a large pallet of these for this winter as they are TOP QUALITY and much better value than buying seasoned logs. I wish I had used them sooner.”      Russel L

“I have just completed my first year using your pelletised bedding and I am delighted. I have 5 horses, mucking out time has been more than halved, the pellets are excellent value and always delivered within a couple of days, storage is so much more convenient and I can lift the bags easily (I am over 50!), but another great bonus is that my muck heap is less than half the size and I have some super compost which the gardeners and local farmers love, being really easy to dispose of. My veg plot is also going great guns. Can't praise enough - I will never go back to previous makes or shavings!”        Wendy
“Hi, just want to congratulate you on your super speedy delivery! I ordered a ton of wood pellets yesterday at about 1pm, & today at 10.30 am, it was delivered to me in South West Wales.  Brilliant! You & your couriers beat Royal Mail any day. Thank you.”  Sally
“Great speedy service, the Briquettes are easy to handle & store and give off a huge amount of heat with very little smoke and last quite a long time. I”ll be back ! Well done.”         Rhonda

”I have just received my 2nd order of horse bedding, as always the service was second to none. I have my own DIY livery yard, my clients have seen how clean and easy the pellets are to use and how wonderful my beds look, so are now changing their horses on to them. So a big THANK YOU to all of you at Liverpool Wood Pellets.”              Jacqui
“I have just had my delivery, thank you, fast time and a very nice friendly driver, it makes a change to have such nice service, thank you”      Allison
“I ordered on Wednesday got pellets on Friday brilliant service! First time I have used pellets , they are great ! I have never liked shavings, was always a fan of a nice thick straw bed, but the pellets are much better, smell clean, easy to muck out . 4 horses and only 1 wheelbarrow to empty each day!”      Ann
“Just like to say what a great product your pellets are for horse bedding, I love using them and find them to be dust free; they make a good environment for his hooves too. The best bedding my horse has ever been on, a must for all horses! Thank you all very much. See you next week to pick up another ton.”     Alison
“Have used the pellets for the first time for about a week now. First class delivery and service. Pellets are brilliant lovely dry bed easy and quick to muck out even with my messy mare. Will definitely be re-ordering when I run out. Excellent product!!!!”     Karen
“We had our delivery today and I would like to say thanks very much for getting it to us as ordered. The weather here, like most places, is atrocious but the delivery company turned up and the driver even helped unload it. The pellets look to be good quality too. Our last delivery, from another supplier, was mainly dust! so I'm very pleased with these.”       Mark
“I use your wood pellets as bedding for my horses, my 5 have been very happy on it for a year now and all of my liveries have now been converted, this is great for me as we have a much smaller muckheap, the storage is a neat corner outside in the yard, freeing up the spare stable for other things. Mucking out is so easy as the clean sawdust falls through the fork so you can quickly remove soiled areas and keep a clean bed easily.  12 months ago I used another brand which was excellent but double the price. I am passing on the word...  P.S thank you for the chocolates that I found in my Christmas pallet!  The delivery driver was very patient waiting for me to arrive during a blizzard today, please pass on my thanks.”      Karen
“I tried these pellets as I pushed for storage of both bedding and muck and the shavings I was using were costing me a fortune. With 2 mucky horses my bedding costs have gone from £40 a week to just £15!! Thanks for a great service, prompt delivery - even in the snow, and sturdy bags able to live outdoors!!”     Sarah
“Delivery received safely within two days of placing order, many thanks for the prompt service”        Jen
“This is the second time I have had an order, very nice people, will be using them again. Thank you. x.”     Mrs Hall
“Best I've ever had too, cheapest, quickest to clean and least smelly of all the others I've had (Now I am talking about the horse bedding... honest)!!”      Viki
“Thrilled with both the quick delivery and the heat logs. Very efficient, last well and give out great heat from our log burner. It's your heat logs for us from now on! Just a quick note, we love the convenience of the trial packs as we don’t have a lot of storage space, great option!”       Jackie
“I have used your wood pellets for over a year now for horse bedding and I would never go back to shavings! I have 10 horses bedded on this now and the time it saves is unbelievable! Apart from that the service is excellent. I recommend you to all, Many Thanks :-)”    Lindsay
“Thank you for your excellent service.”     Howard
“Just to thank you for the quick delivery, and the logs are great. I will certainly order more and I will recommend you to my friends.”      Terry
“It has become increasingly difficult to source good quality seasoned wood for our wood burning stove. Therefore, some months ago, I ordered a sample pack of heat logs from you. I also tried various other briquettes before deciding on a supplier. Having tried a number of competitor products I am very pleased with your Hardwood Heat Logs and the 500Kg pallet that I subsequently bought from you is excellent. They burn hot and very clean. I will certainly be making repeat orders.”      Mark
“So much for delivery within 2-3 working days - I ordered them online at 10:30pm and they were delivered to me by 11:00am the next morning! Thanks for brilliant service.”      Sarah
“Just wanted to say fantastic service.  Liverpool to south coast in just three days!!  Wasn't here to receive delivery and returned home to find the delivery (1 ton) neatly stacked on my return.  Highly recommended.”     David

“1st class product, excellent service, fantastic price, I'll definitely recommend you to others and order again myself (though it may be a while as 90kg of charcoal will do quite a few barbies!) I placed my order on Monday morning and the very helpful delivery driver was on my doorstep with the consignment on Wednesday afternoon. The charcoal is top quality with very little dust or small make weight pieces and it comes at less than half the price that I have been paying at the supermarket or garage forecourt. “      Robert

“I received 80 bags of hardwood briquettes and 20 bags of overnighters from you today. Thank you for getting them delivered before Christmas. I have been buying various heat logs from our local countryside store and to be honest have always been somewhat disappointed. However I tried both the hardwood briquettes and the overnighters this evening and cannot rate them and your service highly enough. I am really delighted with the products and will most definitely be buying more from you and recommending you to others - absolutely brilliant.”   John