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  1. We have been on a site visit today to a new potential blown wood pellet customer, and once again we come up with whats appearing far too often, no access for the blower truck within 20 metres of the hopper. 

    The hopper was the right size and was fine, but in planning the installation no one had considered the access for the blower truck to fill the silo. So some work has to be done and some frustration endured over something so easy to sort at planning. Wood Pellet blower trucks are big, very big, so make sure a very big truck can ideally get within 15 metres of the silo, if it cant, give us a call.

    If your an installer looking to install a silo for blown pellets, please give us a call on 0151 236 9181 or email us at [email protected], and we tell you in 5 minutes in plain understandable language, what you can do, what you cant and what you definately must do.  With our input in the begining you can make sure you get paid on time at the end, and not have to do some building work to be able to get the actual wood pellet fuel to the boiler.

    If your an end user looking to get a wood pellet boiler installed, please call us, we will tell you in 5 minutes all the things your installer must do, mustnt do, and what you need to know when planning the installation.  We can also advise you on current pricing, as it isn't unknown for some installers to use "dated" prices for their financial calculations.

  2. We have now recieved our first sea shipment of the winter, and we have 2400 tonnes in storage, the pellets are from the Balcas plant in Invergordon. 

    If you have a wood pellet boiler that can take blown pellets, please send us your contact details, we sometimes have vehicles around the country that may have 2 or 3 tonne left in them after their deliveries, and rather than transporting it back to the depots, it makes much more sense to deliver it to someone else. So if you have flexibility over when you can take deliveries, and are happy to take maybe only a couple of tonnes at a slightly discounted rate, drop us a line.