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  1. A lot of people ask why we believe wood briquettes offer better value for money compared to logs. This is mainly down to moisture content and how logs are measured compared to briquettes. 

    When briquettes and wood pellets are made, the moisture content has to be very low - less than 10% - or the briquettes wont stick together properly, and will crack and crumble. With logs the moisture content can be upto 40%, so 40% of what you're buying you don't want; if you buy logs by weight unless you know the moisture content is low, the heavier the weight the more water you could have.

    Also briquettes are wood that has been shredded and compressed back together making the wood a lot denser than when it is grown naturally, 1 briquette could be the equivalent of 5-6 logs compressed, and that's why they burn so much longer.

    As well as the fact that they are cleaner, easier to handle, take up less space, and come wrapped and stackable, if you haven't tried briquettes you should find out for yourself.

  2. Dear Customer,

    Winter is nearly upon us now and in order to improve our customer service we want to go one step further and improve on supply and lead times for everyone through what will be a very busy period.

    In the last six months we have seen a huge increase in sales to both our blown wood pellet and bagged wood pellet customer base, this is due to the increase in biomass installations both commercial, domestic and also the equine world that use the wood pellets for horse bedding.

    LWP are now supplying well over 10 000 customers all around the UK with our fuels and that is because we offer the best products at the best prices. With that in mind, we need to prepare for the winter and all our customers demands.

    We are requesting that all our customers fill out the form below stating approximately how many tonnes of pellets you will be requiring through the coming months. We will then use this information to schedule deliveries and routes ensuring you are kept warm throughout the colder months.

    Those customers that do return the document will be given priority deliveries should there be a harsh winter and stock levels run low. We are the same as any other energy provider and forecasting supply is of paramount importance to ensure we keep our regular customers supplied with pellets as and when they require.

    As another added value part of our service for our blown customers we will be sending you a text reminder on a weekly basis asking you to check your pellet levels in your silo, if you don’t want this service, obviously you can opt out, just let us know when you return the estimation sheet.

    Here at LWP we want to be best at what we do, and constantly try to make our service even better. If you have anything else you would like to mention, please do not hesitate in letting us know, feedback from our customers is always welcome and is the best way for us to improve.

    Thanks for your understanding and taking the time to return the form, it is very important to us, and also thanks for being a customer.

    Best regards

    Liverpool Wood Pellets