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We had a call last week from a wood pellet boiler owner who had a problem with their auger feed. It had apparently backed up with dust and the motor needed replacing. They had bought pellets from us and wanted our view. 

We immeadiately had a talk about the background and looked at our records, and it was quickly discovered that yes they had bought wood pellets of us, but it was on an a very infrequent basis, the reasoning being that they had also used two possibly three other brand of pellets, which were possibly on offer at the time they wanted to purchase. And it is for this reason above we always say stay with the same brand of pellets, then there is accountability. The customer above is now in a complex situation, which will probably never be able to be answered, it could well be that they never hoovered the silo enough to remove some inevitable dust, but if they had stuck to the same brand of pellets, there would be someone they could talk to.

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