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Wood Briquettes Vs Logs

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A lot of people ask why we believe wood briquettes offer better value for money compared to logs. This is mainly down to moisture content and how logs are measured compared to briquettes. 

When briquettes and wood pellets are made, the moisture content has to be very low - less than 10% - or the briquettes wont stick together properly, and will crack and crumble. With logs the moisture content can be upto 40%, so 40% of what you're buying you don't want; if you buy logs by weight unless you know the moisture content is low, the heavier the weight the more water you could have.

Also briquettes are wood that has been shredded and compressed back together making the wood a lot denser than when it is grown naturally, 1 briquette could be the equivalent of 5-6 logs compressed, and that's why they burn so much longer.

As well as the fact that they are cleaner, easier to handle, take up less space, and come wrapped and stackable, if you haven't tried briquettes you should find out for yourself.

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  1. Richard Kitt

    ordered logs but a problem with stock. However i asked for briquettes instead. I am really impressed by the heat generated and how clean they are. I have a open fire and looks fantastic with the flame produced I will be ordering more.

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  2. Roger Crawford

    Been using hardwood Briquettes From LWPCo since 2009 and they are fantastic for log stoves

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