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Winter 2018/2019

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As we come into winter we would like to give you a quick update on the coming months. There has been some price fluctuations recently as suppliers try to find a settled market price, there was an increase in demand in September but the mild October has reduced demand, but once a continued cold spell happens the price will rise again a little, but they shouldnt reach the peaks of earlier this year.

LWP have several thousand tonnes contracted so supply shouldnt be an issue for the coming season, and we appear to have sorted out our issues with the bags which has been very frustrating for our customers and oursleves.

On deliveries, we are encountering a few more issues with some agency drivers not being able to manhandle a tonne pallet, we really do reccomend having an able bodied person around if you in any way think there is going to be an issue, because of the lines of communication we have to use with the pallet network, we often dont hear about it until the driver has left, which is frustrating for everyone.

We are still only supplying UK made Balcas wood pellets, but we do reccomend anybody that wants 10kg bags to order as soon as possible as they are upgrading their bagging plant in November and supply will be extremely limited.

The BSL is still a waste of time.

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