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Quality Kiln Dried Logs for Sale

Our logs are very dry, very clean and very cheap. You cant buy the same quality, DRY logs cheaper anywhere else on the internet. Really you cannot buy cheaper on the internet.

These kiln dried logs have a moisture content of less than 20% resulting in a more efficient burn and a higher heat output. All of our kiln dried logs are sourced from managed woodlands.

Our Kiln dried logs comes in 2 different sizes. Our best selling size is the 8 bags of netted logs, but you can order as many bags as you want, from 1 to 128.

We also sell the wood stacked in crates which is again kiln dried, and due to the uniform nature of the stacking and crate, you can always be sure that you are getting the maximum amount of wood for your money, we sell either 1m crates or 2m crates.

Dont forget our kindling too. Free Delivery to most UK post codes - click on Delivery Area and select the option for your location.