Wood Pellet Horse Bedding For Use With Rubber Matting

Wood Pellets for horse bedding

We have been supplying wood pellets for horse and animal bedding for over 6 years throughout the UK. We were one of the pioneers in making them more widely and commercially available and now we are the UKs biggest suppliers to both commercial and public sectors.

  • Our pellets are the most absorbent on the market
  • Our pellets start white and stay light
  • Our pellets are much more absorbent and lighter than Verdo Wood Pellets

Our wood pellets are ideally suited for use on either rubber matting or concrete floors. For a 12 x 12 stable with rubber matting you will only need 3 - 4 bags of pellets to start your bag and then around a bag a week thereafter.

This type of bedding material is very popular in the UK as anybody who spends time visiting online horse related forums will testify to.


We are more than happy to supply samples free of charge to prove the quality of the product, so please go to our samples page to get a trial sorted. If you have more than 10 stables please let us know and we can provide you with a larger trial pack.

You will only need to take out the very wet bits from the centre of the wet patch after a few days or even a week. Depending on how wet your horse is and how long he is stabled, leave the damp patches in and again mix in with the dry.

As the bedding is so absorbent, it takes moisture from the droppings, so when you muck out take care to pick up just the droppings pile, avoiding taking too much bedding with it. Gently shake off any clean bedding from the fork. Don’t shake, toss the droppings on the fork as you do with shavings, otherwise the droppings will break up into little pieces that are then too small to pick up.

You will find that the pellets will continue to break down and the bed will get deeper over the first few days. When you feel the bed needs more bedding, simply add more dry pellets and mix into the existing bed without wetting and these will break down over the next few days.

If you find the bed seems overly dry or dusty, make sure you are thoroughly mixing the wet with the dry bedding or, if necessary, add a little more water and mix.  
If the bed is too dark or is becoming wet, take out the very wet patches and add more dry pellets.
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