Top Quality Wood Pellets from Liverpool Wood Pellets

Liverpool Wood Pellets have been selling the same consistently high quality wood pellets for over 10 years. We offer a quick reliable delivery service and only sell wood pellets manufactured in the UK from virgin wood. We also sell firewood, charcoal, and heatlogs and a load of other useful products. We offer friendly service and advice, so if you have any queries please call us on 0151 236 9181.

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Our premium pellets also have BSL approval.

LWP Premium

975kg LWP Premium Wood Pellets

  • 750kg LWP Pellets
  • 750kg Balcas pellest
  • 510kg LWP Pellets
  • 500kg balcas pellets
  • 255kg LWP pellets
  • 25kg Balcas

LWP Premium & Balcas Brites Pellets

Smaller Sizes Available

Balcas Brites

1000kg Balcas Brites Wood Pellets

Liverpool Wood Pellets are the leading UK supplier of wholesale premium bagged wood pellets. We also sell quality cooking charcoal, heat logs, briquettes, kindling and loads of other wood fuels. With over 10 years experience delivering high quality products.

Discounts for 3 or more pallets - Full Loads available - Plain Packaging available for re-sellers. 

Daily bagged deliveries throughout the UK. We aim to deliver the majority of Liverpool Wood Pellets orders within 3-5 working days, please be advised delivery times for wood pellet orders will increase in the winter, please contact us for current delivery times. Next day delivery also available if you order before 11am, please be advised there will be an additional charge. 

Discounted prices if you collect from our easy to find Liverpool Warehouse.

Crushed Rubber Crumb

We now stock crushed rubber crumb in 5 different grades.

This crushed rubber can be used for everything from artificial sports pitches and equestrian flooring to playgrounds.

The crushed rubber is available in 5 different grades fine, fine mix, medium, coarse and super coarse. and either comes in 1.1t bags or 25kg bags on a pallet.

Restaurant Grade Charcoals

Restaurant Charcoal

Top quality products

Charcoal Value Packs

Cheapest Online

Lumpwood Charcoal

Fast free delivery

BBQ Flavoured Pellets

Friendly service with a smile :)

    We are inside Mersey Forwarding's warehouse.

If you are collecting from us the warehouse is open from 09:00 - 16:15

If the shutter is closed press the buzzer or call us on 0151 236 9181 and we will let you in.