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Liverpool Wood Pellets Limited are the UK's leading retailer, wholesaler and distributor of premium Wood Pellets, Wood Briquettes and other types of Wood Fuel including restaurant quality Lumpwood Charcoal, as well as Wood Pellets for Horse Bedding. You can also buy all your Heat Logs, Kindling and Kiln Dried Netted Logs here too. We deliver all over the UK - every day.  We're also able to offer you Blown Deliveries of  premium wood pellets, so if you're a commercial or domestic user, looking for wood pellet supplies for your boiler or stove, or other wood fuels call us now and we'll do the rest.

We have completed our application for the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) 

Our Best Selling Products

LWP Premium Wood Pellets

65 x 15kg
LWP Premium Pellets

Balcas Brites Wood Pellets

100 x 10kg
Balcas Brites Pellets

Premium Hardwood Briquettes

91 x 10kg
Hardwood Briquettes
Wood Pellets

We are committed to top quality products and service, and we try to get it right every time, but we are only human, so if you are not happy with anything you've received from us or our delivery times, please let us know and we will compensate you, or collect and refund with a no quibble guarantee.

Wood Pellets  
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Wood Briquettes   Peat Briquettes   Kiln Dried Logs
Hardwood Briquettes And Peat Briquettes   peat briquettes   Kiln Dried Logs
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Kindling   Charcoal   Rock Salt
Kindling   Charcoal   Rock Salt
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Fire Lighters   Barbecue Smoking
Wood Pellets
  Flood Defence
firelighter fluid and blocks   Barbecue Smoking Wood Pellets   Flood Defence Category 
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Compost & Fertiliser
  Special Offers    
compost category   special offer    
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