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Liverpool Wood Pellets are the UK's leading retailer, wholesaler and distributor of premium wood pellets bagged, bulk or blown.

Daily bagged and blown deliveries throughout the UK

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All of our premium wood pellets are BSL approved. BSL Authorisation No. 

BSL0034721-0001 (Brites)
BSL0034721-0002 (LWP Premium)

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Not only do we have bagged and blown wood pellets for sale, we also offer other types of wood fuel including:

We offer blown wood pellets throughout England and Wales.

Salesline 0151 207 2759 or email us here

We have many commercial and domestic customers who buy from us to supply their biomass boiler or wood pellet stove and have an excellent customer return rate.

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We also now stock some seasonal goods, for this summer we have.