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LWP are the leading UK supplier of wholesale premium wood pellet fuel in bagged, bulk or blown quantities. With 9 years experience and tens of thousands of tonnes delivering high quality products, we can confidently say that we sell the UK's best wood fuel. 

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100 x 10kgs of Balcas Brites, the UKs best wood pellet for just £245. 

65 x 15kgs of LWP premium wood pellets for just £239. the UKs favourite wood pelelts.

Daily bagged and blown deliveries throughout the UK - 2-3 day delivery on all products - Next day delivery also available before 1pm. Discounted prices if you collect from our easy to find Liverpool Warehouse - Call Us 0151 236 9181

All of our premium pellets are BSL approved (unless stated). BSL Authorisation No. 

BSL0123426-0002 (Brites)
              BSL0123426-0001 (LWP Premium)

Wood pellets are biofuels, formed by compressing sawdust and other lumber waste into neat pellets for use as environmentally friendly fuel. These are a low-carbon alternative to more conventional fuels such as coal, oil and gas, and additionally remain stable in price while traditional fuels fluctuate. When the same number of trees is planted as are harvested, wood pellets can count as carbon neutral, as the carbon created by their creation and use is almost exactly matched by the new trees' carbon intake.

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We offer a full UK wide blown pellet delivery service - No job too big or small, call us for a quote. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any more information about any of our products - we're here to help!