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We only sell the best value for money against heat output briquettes.

Premium hardwood briquettes

Our premium hardwood briquettes are the hottest burning heat log on the market, made from a hardwood, they should burn for over 2 hours each, they dont burn with a big flame, they tend to smoulder redhot with a small all over flame, just like lava. We have been selling these heat logs for 6 years, and we havent found a better briquette since, or we would be selling them instead. They are the dogs bollocks of briquettes. If your not happy we will give your money back. Click on the icon above to see the range.

Peat briquettes

Our real Irish Peat briquettes can be purchased in a wide choice of options from one box up to a full pallet. Whether you want some for a romantic night in or a special occasion or for everyday use, we have a full range of sizes to choose from. These are the very best peat briquettes in the world. Click on the icon above to view our full range.

Round Wood Briquettes

Our premium round heat logs are one of the hottest and longest burning fuel products available.  With a calorific value of up to 4800 kcal per kilo they provide more heat per £ than even coal and are a lot cleaner, manageable and easy to use.  Briquettes are made from highly compressed sawdust with no additives or binding materials.  This sawdust is a 100% recycled by-product from wood production industries and so involves no cutting down of forestry.