Self Build Pellet Storage Unit

Points to consider when building your storage unit are:
  • Needs to have the appropriate fitting for accommodating a blown delivery from Balcas. This is a male 4 inch cam-lock fitting, serial number: A-400
  • Is the camlock fitting within driver's reach? Chest height is recommended.
  • Storage unit needs to be waterproof
  • Storage unit needs to be properly sealed to control dust and designed to reduce condensation.
  • Storage unit needs to be of sufficient strength to hold 4 tonnes of brites; it is unlikely that a stud wall construction will be strong enough. Balcas minimum delivery 3 tonnes
  • It is recommended that storage unit has a sight glass/inspection hatch to monitor volume and to indicate to customer when to re-order.
  • Balcas recommend that the intake pipe has no more than 2 soft bends
  • The delivery pipe on the storage unit must be made from metal and must be earthed. Static can build up on plastic piping and is a fire hazard.
  • Storage unit will need an exit port to allow the release of the delivery air and this port should be fitted with a filter to reduce dust exiting the storage silo.
  • It is recommended that your storage unit has a flexible rubber sheet hanging opposite the inlet pipe. This will stop pellet damage during delivery. It is essential that pellets are not blown against a wall or hard floor.
  • The floors of the storage unit should have a slope of at least 40° going towards the feed mechanism.
  • The inside of the storage unit needs to be free from electrical sockets, electrical switches, lights and electrical fittings. This is to prevent a dust explosion.
  • Storage should be lined with a suitable material (e.g. wood)
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