Blown Wood Pellet Deliveries

We only deliver blown Balcas Brites BSL approved Premium Wood Pellets.

We are now in our fourth year of supplying UK wide blown wood pellet deliveries to new and existing domestic and commercial customers. Call us now for a quotation for your delivery 0151 236 9181.

We have supplied tens of thousands of tonnes of premium wood pellets over the last 6 years, and our premium wood pellets are the best performing and best value premium wood pellets we have seen. We have supplied the same pellet for over 6 years.

Under the RHI scheme from Spring 2015,wood pellet suppliers need to be on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL). We are pleased to say that LWP premium pellets are on the BSL. The BSL numbers are on our home page, and they are also on our invoices.

We provide a quick, freindly knowledgable, proffesional service, when you have delivered as many pellets as we have, you know how things work, and we can guide every newbie through the process.


If you're interested in having a delivery of blown wood pellets please complete the short form below and one of our sales team will come back to you quickly.

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     Do's and Dont's

  • Do try and build as big a silo as possible upto a 32t max this will help you get the cheapest delivery price.
  • You will always need to leave upto a tonne of pellets in your store when you order, so dont buy a 3 tonne store and expect to get a 3 tonne delivery .You will pay a premium for deliveries of 3 tonnes or less
  • Make sure the access from the truck to the store is less than 18 m. Pellets wont blow over 20m, it just doesnt happen.
  • Do make sure the path from the back of the truck to the store is clear, our drivers have to carry reasonably heavy piping and connect it all together, they cant scramble over walls or through hedges carrying the pipes

             Click here for our self build store checklist

We’re able to deliver all over England and Wales, at market leading prices. We operate various sized vehicles from 15  to  28 tonnes in a single load, making it extremely cost effictive and convenient.

If you’re looking for a fixed price long term contract then 0151 236 9181

blown deliveriesPlease note that you’ll need to have the space for a large truck (bigger than a bin lorry) to manoeuvre, and that pellets can be blown up to a maximum distance of 18m.  Whilst this is unlikely to cause problems for many commercial customers, it can do for domestic customers.

Since April 14 The Renewable Heating Initiative means that you’ll receive an annual payment for using renewable heating. Domestic and Commercial users are already able to claim RHI

The UK has initiated a grant scheme called the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)and this scheme allows non domestic and domestic wood pellet boiler installations to receive payments over a period of between 7-20 years, it is the first such scheme in the world and aims to increase the amount of renewable energy generated in the UK,in line with EU commitments. Scotland and Northern Ireland have seperate but similar schemes.

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