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Blown Wood Pellet Deliveries

We’re delighted to be able to offer blown deliveries of wood pellets to new and existing domestic and commercial customers who need tonnes of premium wood pellets at a time. Call us now for a quotation for your delivery 0151 236 9181.

We have supplied thousands of tonnes of premium wood pellets over the last 4 years, and our ENPlus standard wood pellets are the best performing and best value premium wood pellets available.

discount   For a limited time we are offering a 4% discount on blown deliveries to both new and existing customers.  Please quote "Blown Promotion" when calling to place your order. (Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers)
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We’re able to deliverall over England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, at fantastic prices.  With access to many different sizes of lorry, we can deliver the wood pellets you need up to 28 tonnes in a single load, making it extremely convenient for you.

If you’re looking for a fixed price long term contract then ring us today on 0151 236 9181 and we’ll give you a great price, the legendary LWP service, and the peace of mind that you need, so that you’re never without the wood pellets to provide your heat or hot water.

All blown wood pellets supplied by Liverpool Wood Pellets are produced to EN Plus A1 standard to guarantee quality.  Liverpool Wood Pellets are also currently in the process of obtaining EN Plus certified trader status.

We’ll deliver your premiumwood pellets to you on our lorry, and blow them pneumatically directly into your storage area, instead of you having to take bags of wood pellets off pallets, and then pour them into your storage area.  Whilst convenient for domestic customers, it is an invaluable service for commercial customers and will save you time as well as money. To construct a purpose built storage unit for you pellets, please find more details.
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Please note that you’ll need to have the space for a large lorry (bigger than a bin lorry) to manoeuvre, and thatpellets can be blown up to a maximum distance of 20m.  Whilst this is unlikely to cause problems for many commercial customers, it can do for domestic customers.

The Renewable Heating Initiative means that you’ll receive an annual payment for using renewable heating.  Commercial users are already able to claim RHI, whilst domestic customers will be able claim from late 2012. 

We’re so impressed with the performance of our premium wood pellets, that if you use these premium wood pellets, we’ll come out and fix any boiler or stove that develops a fault due to the wood pellets.* within 48 hours and at our own cost.

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