Briquettes Charcoal Info


Premium hardwood briquettes
Premium hardwood briquettes come in 10kg packs, each pack contains 6 logs. They are also known as heat logs. Each log will burn for up to 2hrs 30mins. Please see specification sheet for specification on product. We have sold these briquettes for over 5 years, and we have not seen a better value for money wood briquette.

Peat briquettes
Our smokeless peat briquettes have been Ireland’s favourite solid fuel for over 60 years. Made from 100% natural products, they are just as suitable for open fires as for stoves, and are easy to light. Bord na Móna’s peat briquettes have a long burn time and a high heat output, and of course will create that homely feeling you can only get with the scent of burning real Irish peat. Each pack contains 20 logs, Each log will burn for up to 2hrs. Full Specification


Restaurant charcoal
LWP restaurant charcoal is sourced from 100% sustainable sources. Restaurant charcoal is bigger blocks than lumpwood what will make it last longer burning. This is the reason it is favoured in the restaurant business. Our restaurant charcoal comes in either 10 kg or 12 kg bags. We supply some of the UKS top restaurants and hotels with this charcoal.

Lumpwood charcoal
All of LWP lumpwood charcoal is sourced from 100% sustainable sources. Lumpwood charcoal has smaller pieces than the restaurant charcoal. It has a burn time for up to 4hrs per 5kg bag.  All our lumpwood charcoal comes in either 3 kg or 5 kg bags.

Fire Starters

LWP Kindling sticks are ideal for starting the perfect fire. All our kindling sticks are made from waste packaging so you will be doing your bit for the environment. All our netted kindling comes in 4kg bags.

Our fastwood comes in 1kg packs. Each pack contains around 25-30 sticks. All the fastwood is 100% natural clean and very easy to light.