Wood Pellet Prices

Our Wood Pellets

Biomass Premium Wood Pellets

ENPlus manufactured wood pellets are the ultimate biomass fuel. They are made from pure virgin soft wood and are supplied in either 10kg or 15kg bags. We recomend using the same brand of pellet in boilers as this allows the setting up of the boiler to be matched to the fuel. Please see specification page for wood pellet specifications.

Animal bedding wood pellets

LWP equine bedding is the most absorbent pellet on the market. It is made from pure virgin softwood so it would cause no problems for your animal. Please see instructions on how to use the pellets for bedding. Read more ...

Wood Pellet Pricing

Wood pellet prices do fluctuate throughout the year and are obviously linked to the outside temperature, it is always cheaper to stock up in the summer, wood pellet production plants operate more economically in the summer, so manufactuers can afford to drop the gate price a little. If there are cold snaps the prices dont tend to fluctuate too much, but if there is a long prolonged cold period, minus temperatures, we would expect the prices to rise.