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Liverpool Wood Pellets would like to welcome all readers, website visitors and forum members of Horse & Hound magazine.  Use of wood pellets for horse bedding has increased massively in recent years, and with good reason.  Wood pellet beds are easier to muck out for even the messiest or wettest of horses and leave a clean, healthy looking bed which is very easy to maintain.

Our wood pellets are highly absorbent so wet patches are contained to the smallest area possible for a much dryer bed than those made from alternative product types.  Beds made from wood pellets also have virtually no smell compared to other types of bedding.  Our wood pellets also have a very low dust content so will not cause respiratory problems.
Our wood pellets have always been very popular with Horse & Hound visitors.  The image below shows the results of a poll carried out by horse & hound forum members  which shows that 50% of those who replied are using our pellets.
Horse And Hound Poll Result
The reason our wood pellets are the most popular for horse and pony bedding is quite simply that they are the best pellets and the best value for money.  Once a bed has been made it will only need topping up with 1 - 2 bags per week depending on your horse making our pellets incredibly cost effective.  The pellets we sell for our horse bedding are exactly the same pellets we sell as biomass fuel supplied by Balcas.  This is a good thing - there are stringent regulations about the quality of wood fuel which can be used in boilers so you and your horse get the advantage of these requirements.  The pellets are made from pure virgin pine softwood and have no additives and a very low dust content.
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For more information on using our wood pellets with rubber matting or on concrete floors click on the appropriate link below, or even download a guide which also shows how much our wood pellets fluff up when used.
Using our wood pellets with rubber matting
Using our wood pellets on a concrete floor
Bed making guide