Logs And Kindling info


Kiln dried logs
Kiln dried logs comes in 3 ways. It can either be in netted bags which are less than 20% moisture content 25 cm long and in 22 litre bags. Alternatively in a  2m3 crate or a 1m3 crate. The logs have been put in a kiln for a full 5 days and left for a further 2 days to cool down.


Disposable BBQ’S
Our instant disposable bbqs are quick and easy to light, They are 28cm x 22cm x 5cm. Your food will be ready to cook in 20minutes and cooks up to 1 ½ hours.

Fire Lighters
Our fire lighters come with 28 blocks in each pack, each pack is just under a 1kg each. Great for starting your BBQ. There is 24 packs in each box

Lighter Fluid
Our lighter fluid comes in 1liter bottles and again are another great way to start your BBQ. There is 12 bottles per box


Rock salt
LWP rock salt comes in 25kg bags. We will sell you anything from 1 bag, you can buy as much as you want. When winter hits there isn’t a better rock salt to get rid of the ice than our rock salt.